Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day!

        I want to start this post by saying I am very proud of my wife for the dedication she has given to Liam, myself and this blog. She has poured her soul into this blog for the world to read, all her worries, emotions, and thoughts as we have gone on this journey we call life. I will tell you this has been a difficult journey for the past 9 months. But i know this, I would not trade it for the world. It has taught me not to take children for granted, they could be gone in an instant. Cherish every moment. After the first surgery when Liam was 5 days old, when we got home with him .... to be honest i felt like sometimes it was a pain to be around him. He was so needy. I know what you are thinking, but i had to give up "my time" with "my wife" , i couldn't be selfish any more. I had to share her, Liam needed Tara more than i did. I needed to stop being selfish. The void that i have with my wife, i need to fill by spending time with Liam. So yes i spend a little less time with my wife but, i get to fill that time with a handsome little boy. The way that Jesus Christ was selfless with others, we need to be selfless with our children. People tell you when you are having a baby that your life will change and will be totally different. I would be thinking "just as long as i have weekends off it will be good". Boy was I wrong, you barely get any weekends off. It's like a full time job working doubles everyday. Well it has taken a while but i had finally realized a month or two ago. This is the way it is going to be for the next eighteen years. When Liam was recently in the the hospital for his second surgery it has made me think of his life past, present and future. I have thought of the things he has overcome to where he is now. All of his obsticals, wheather they be feeding, breathing, or his heart beating. What a miracle Liam has been to us from the day he was born. I think of his future, will he be able to enjoy sports like i have. Will he have a normal life? I know that, what ever life he has God is the master planner for him, he has a plan for us all. he is the ultimate father. 
      To all the Fathers out there how great a privilege it is to raise a son (or daughter) in this world that we live in today. Wondering if they will take all the good things or bad things they have learned from us. I pray that my son, Liam will grow up to be a better man than I. My goal is to raise him in a manner that when he becomes a man and leaves my home to start a new chapter of his life. That I won't be worrying about the choices he will be making because, I know i have raised him to the best of my ability. I want to take this time to thank my father for how he raised me. I love you dad!


  1. What a wonderful post. I so LOVE the honesty about your feelings. I think all heart parents (well, probably all parents- heart or not)feel overwhelmed at points and feel exactly the way you did. I've been following your blog for a little while. I'm so happy that your family is home again.
    (mom to Aly- HLHS)

  2. A great post. We hardly ever hear from the "Heart Dads" so it is great to hear how you feel.

    Kids do change everything and they can completely turn your life upside down if they aren't healthy. However no matter how much we have to sacrifice of ourselves it is all worth it in the end. They are a blessing!