Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6.16.10 - Down the Homestretch: Part 3

It's moving day! We are moving to a regular pediatric room on the 6th floor this afternoon. Long road to get to this point, but one step closer to going home!

Liam is having an ok morning. He is really tired and cranky today. I think the withdrawl from the drugs has been really tough on him, I know it has been rough on me seeing him like this, cranky, irritable, with red droopy eyes and some tears even. I'm pretty sure it also is affecting his oxygen levels. He has been up and down all morning. I think the oxygen is still running at 1.5 liters.

Anyways, I'll update again when we get settled upstairs. I am definately going to miss all the CHSU staff and nurses who have been so wonderful to us. We could not have asked for better hands to care for our Liam.

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