Monday, June 7, 2010

6.7.10 - Long week ahead...

Big week ahead. Liam is doing good again this morning. They told me early this morning that they may extubate him today. They made a lot of changes last night to the vent and dialed him down a lot on what he is getting for oxygen. With all the changes, Liam's sats have stayed constant in the high 90's - usually 98-99 which is great. I think though this virus has taken a toll on his little lungs. I'm very worried given what happened last time...but I know God is still in control and gave us these doctors... So we will see. I guess it's just been so peaceful and quiet lately, I'm a little panicky to not want to go through another down day again...please pray for us and the Lords timing in extubating.

I'll keep updating as the day goes on. The docs are about to make rounds so hopefully I'll know the days plan here soon.

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