Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6.22.10 - Back in the swing of things...

Liam is doing great at home. We took him off his oxygen last night and he is doing fine without it. Apparently, the tubing was getting condensation inside and water was accumulating - thus Liam was breathing in water particles for a short time yesterday, unbeknown to us. So, we had to take his cannula off and decided to see how he did for a little while. Of course, he did fine. I made my husband call the cardiologist just to be on the safe side to make sure we didn't have to put him back on it, but he gave us the OK and told us just to watch him closely. Ha, you don't have to tell me to watch Liam closely =) I was a little worried about putting him down for the night without it, but Liam did a great job of reassuring me he was fine overnight, as he graciously awoke himself whimpering, babbling or crying every 30 minutes or so all night long....strange sometimes what I am thankful for....

So, Monday was my first full day back at work since Liam's surgery. I was glad to be back, but it's always really hard for me to not be with Liam all day, especially when I've gotten used to that routine. He is always so much fun and so happy to be around. Even on all the medication, he is still his same happy, giggly little self. My work has been great with our situation, and I really owe them a big thanks for all the support they have given my family the past 9 months. I am blessed to work for such a family-centered, God-centered company.

Tonight, I am also returning to my small group/bible study in a long time. I meet with three other great women and we do accountability support for each other. It has been really wonderful and I love my girls...can't wait to see them all and catch up on life and their journeys with them =)

And so, our life goes on. It feels really good to have the surgery be behind us, knowing that for now, it was a success and hoping and praying Liam will stay healthy for a long, long time. I have already started planning some great family outings for us once Liam is fully recovered, and I am so exciting to get him out of the shell he has been living in the past 9 months and open his eyes to all that is out there...I am excited for the new experiences we will have as a family! Stay tuned!

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  1. That is great to hear that he was able to be without the oxygen! Praying it stays that way and he continues to heal every day!

    Looking forward to hearing about all of the many adventures you'll be taking as a family!