Thursday, June 24, 2010

6.24.10 - Summer plans

So things at home are going pretty good, and dare I say, it's a little quiet around here. Liam continues to do well off the oxygen, no scary blue moments yet. We are also still weaning him down on his medications, which is going smoother than I had anticipated, with no withdrawal symptoms to speak of. Sleeping at night seems to be our only challenge right now. I would say we are enjoying a nice break from crazy.

I have finally realized (after June has slipped through my fingers in an instant!) summer is fully underway. I drive home past the water park each day, a little jealous that I can't be there, soaking up the sun, having fun with the fam. That's how I know it's really summer. Our summer this year will be full of healing and therapy...I would say only for Liam, but I think I'll get in on the action too. I went a little overboard at Half Price books last weekend and bought a bunch of books that seemed relevant to where I am at spiritually in my life right now and where I want to be. I do know there is healing and definitely some therapy that needs to take place with me with can't go through trauma without some baggage being kept along the way. So as Liam is meeting with the speech therapist and physical therapist, momma's got her meeting with the great Healer too. Hopefully come fall, I will be whole again and Liam will be able to drink from a sippy cup...that's the plan at least =)

I did want to briefly mention that I am planning something BIG for winter....I don't have all the details worked out just yet, but I am excited to soon be able to share an amazing opportunity with everyone...TEAM LIAM. That's all I can say for now, so you'll have to stay tuned to the blog as I iron out the details and get the show on the road!

And lastly, for those of you (and for me when I can't remember and have to go to my blog for dates of happenings) who are appointment people, Liam goes to the pediatrician tomorrow for a post-surgery check-up and then we go see Dr. Verma (cardio) next Tuesday. Prayer needs are for a solution or answers to what is causing his congestion problem and also that his heart is pumping like it should.

And now for some pictures...

So what's wrong with this picture?  Mimi and mommy have had a long sleepless week....
Tags go on the front right?

Dad to the rescue....

Now it's right!  

Had to add this one for the "fans"
Grandpa's favorite teams...Cowboys and of course, MIZZOU!


  1. Don't know if the last post went through...Amber and I continue to pray for Liam and the family. Team Liam...hmmm...sounds like an organization I would be happy to join, whatever it is!! Hope all is well. Love you guys, Mike, Amber, Tori, Lauren, and Grace.

  2. Tara, you are amazing! You are such a great witness to so many of us during this time in your life. I must same I'm very excited to be a part of Team Liam, whatever it may be!!!

  3. Liam is looking great! YAY!!! Glad he is still doing well without the oxygen and I am praying for great news at your appointments!