Saturday, June 5, 2010

6.5.10 - Quiet day

We have had such a different day today than yesterday. Liam slept comfortably ALL day long. He has stirred only every now and then to stretch his little arms and legs and to stick his tongue out a bit. Other than that he has rested very well. Praise God!...I wasn't sure how I was going to get through another day like yesterday, so the Lord answered huge prayers on both sides of things.

It has been a quiet day as far as poking and prodding goes too. The biggest highlight of the day is he had both drainage tubes and his pacing wires removed. He has had respiratory treatments every few hours, where they vibrate on his chest and sides to break up any congestion and fluid in his lungs and then suction it out (the suction is already part of his ventilator, so this does not bother him). He actually smiled once while they were doing the vibrating near his ribs because I think it must have tickled him! They also started him on a slow-flow continuous feeding of his formula, which he seems to be tolerating well. Liam's heart is doing great, in fact he reached a huge milestone, as his oxygen sats topped out at 100% today...INCREDIBLE!!

Tomorrow should go a lot like today, just keeping him sleeping and comfortable to let his lungs recover and for him to fight the virus out of his system. His temperature is normal right now, so we are praying it stays that way overnight. Other than that, no news for now and that's good news!!

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  1. Glad to hear such good news. Thanks for the posting to keep us updated. We'll keep you and Liam in our thoughts and prayers. Love - Bob and Gayle