Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6.2.10 - Recovery room...

Heart cath went fine. Liam is having a little trouble getting his oxygen levels to stabilize at at least 65, so he is on about 4 liters of oxygen right now. He also hasn't been able to hold much food down..we fed him about 2 oz of pedialyte while he was in recovery and he threw up. So not sure about how feedings will go the rest of the day... At least we have him calm and asleep right now.

The cath went great. We have not met with the surgeon yet, but from what the cath doc said was they are not expecting any suprises tomorrow in surgery and that it appears pretty straight forward from a surgical standpoint. That was great news!

Dr. Laird (cath doc) is going to stop by in a little while to see if they are going to need to move us to the PICU overnight due to his low O2 sats...will post more tonight after meeting with Dr. M (surgeon).

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