Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6.8.10 - Walking in the unknown

Liam has not quite been the same since yesterday. He is a little more irritable than he has been lately and he was breaking out in a cold sweat. His little head and hands were so clammy....His temperature was running a little low yesterday evening when we left, and apparently got worse overnight, but has recovered some this morning, but is still only about 96.5.... I knew when we left here last night he just didn't seem right. But with all the trauma he has been through lately, I just figured it had taken more of a toll on him this time.

This morning, the nurse asked me if I had given Liam anything blue or green through his g-tube because she had extracted some blue-tinged stomach contents when she was venting his g-tube for air....I was like, ummm, NO?...Very weird...She and I were both perplexed, as she mentioned nothing in the chart was indicative of him having anything like this in his system....And so, obviously this tipped off my already worrisome nature, and sent me straight to google to research it. Didn't really pull up anything except for "tylenol poisoning in cats"...Hmmm. This lead to some scary articles on liver failure...I got to those and had to tell myself to stop googling.

Dr. M and Dr. C came by this morning to let me know they are going to run some more tests to see if he has an infection. I asked about the possibility of his liver not functioning as it should and they immediately nodded and said they are going to run some tests to check that also. Glad I pulled up the liver articles after all...I think they were suprised that I asked about liver complications...I forget sometimes how you really have to manage your own care and advocate for yourself in the hospital. Doctors and nurses are human, just like us. But I'm glad my thinking was on par with the doctors course of action...just hoping for some answers to what is really going on.


  1. I am so sorry things are so difficult for you right now. I wish I could have prepared you for this, but I guess I don't have as much control over God's plan as I thought. Go figure! If it's any consolation, Tucker had severe liver and kidney problems before his 1st surgery because of how long he went without treatment, mainly because we didn't know he was sick. We even had to delay his 1st surgery by a week to let his organs recover from the acidity. And you're right -- if you feel like something is wrong, speak up. I had to say something to one of the nurses about giving ibuprofen because Dr. Thomas had told us it interacts with his aspirin. She was correct, but I had to make sure. In fact, she had never heard that before, so she was able to learn something new that day. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but things will turn around. Just hang in there.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that he isn't doing well right now. Yes, we do have to be the best advocates we can be for our kids. Sometimes it does take a little digging on our own to keep things moving.

    Hang in there!! Praying that things gets worked out and nothing nasty is going on.