Thursday, June 3, 2010

6.3.10 - Still in surgery...

The nurse has updated us a couple times since my last post. Everything is going great. Dr. M has already patched his VSD, taken out the shunt and patched that opening and is working on putting in the valve. After that, they will slowly start finishing up, taking him off the bypass machine and closing him up. They will then do an echo to make sure everything is in working order before they take him up to the cardiac unit.

Waiting can be stressful...but I did find a nice soothing comfort to help pass the time...Medical City just got a Society Bakery in the lobby. A bakery is a dangerous place for a momma with a baby in surgery. I ended up getting a "sampling" of 6 different cupcakes, brownies and cinnamon rolls...and they were delicious! Huh, I guess I do eat when I'm stressed!

The pic above of Liam and I is from this morning while we were in the holding area before they took him back to the O.R....That was the hardest part of the whole week so far. Dustin prayed over him while I spilled tears on his little head...A sweet moment indeed, but one I don't want to experience again. However, Liam will need more surgeries to replace his valve as he grows, so this unfortunately will be a recurring moment sometime in the future...hopefully in the very distant future.

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