Saturday, June 26, 2010

6.26.10 - Sunny side up please....

And no, not for my eggs for breakfast. While we were in the hospital, the nutritionist on staff came to talk with me about Liam's feeding regimen. We talked for quite awhile about all sorts of interesting nutrition things and she confirmed I was doing the right things for feeding Liam. I expressed to her my concern that he had been throwing up quite a bit before the surgery, but she assured me that this was most likely caused by the lack of oxygen he had prior to surgery and that I could expect a "different child" after we brought him home as far as his GI issues go. Well, I've been clinging to that hope that the surgery would be a cure-all for all Liam's quirks and issues. It was even proving to be true as we got through the week without even spit-up to be concerned with. Then came this morning...

Oh I've learned if it's not one thing, it will be another. Liam vomited after his 9 am feeding this morning. Liam started sounding congested again halfway through his feeding, which I thought was strange because he had been sounding very clear the past few days. Then about 45 minutes after the end of his feeding, he started coughing and then that led to everything coming back up onto the floor....So back to square one with his feeding issues. I am pretty sure that he is refluxing, because I don't know what else could be causing this. My mom even mentioned one of his afternoon tube feedings he sounded really congested. I have also noticed that when I feed him solid foods, he sounds really congested during and immediately after eating too. I am to the point where I am scared to feed him solids because I'm scared he is aspirating it. Thankfully we will be starting feeding therapy again, so I am hoping this will ease my fears...I am also going to get him in to see the GI. I feel like I can't wing it anymore. I know his heart is fine and his oxygen levels are great, so there isn't any excuses for it anymore. I am fearful that my plan to get him off the feeding tube by the end of the year might be slipping away...let's hope that I can get some answers!

We did have some good news before the hiccup this morning. The pedi said Liam looks and sounds great and his O2 at the office was a wonderful 96%! Yay for Liam! She told me she was so happy to see him so pink!

So, yes. I would like our life to stay sunny side up...please...Lord, we need you to keep being You and move these mountains for us....We cannot do it alone!

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  1. Dustin, Tara & Liam:

    We are happy to see you guys out of the PICU and recovering well as a family. You are in our minds and hearts often. We hope to talk to you soon.


    Tyler & Tiffany Martin
    (Claire's Parents)